About Us

logo (short)The Christian Legal Forum was begun by Christian attorneys who felt a need to provide legal analysis, answers to common questions and current events, suggested policies, and other legal forms for those leading the churches of Christ.  The idea for this site came after many of the most recent legal decisions have brought a multitude of questions to believers about how they could be impacted by court rulings.  We felt that we should consider doing something to use our experience and education to help Christians as we can when it comes to considering legal issues in the Lord’s Church.  From the site’s inception, we have sought to find capable men who have studied and practiced the law in various jurisdictions.  This will bring a variety of perspective and ability to the issues and questions presented on this site.  Additionally, the contributors of the forum are members of the church of Christ and known to be faithful, sound in doctrine, and have a heart of service to the Lord’s Church.  In fact, none of the contributors receive any financial compensation for their work on here but willingly give their time for the benefit of other Christians.

We hope that you will find answers on this site that will assist you in leading the Lord’s Church in your location in the way that best follows the laws of the land and recognized the supremacy of God’s laws over all others.  It is our goal and purpose to provide you with information you can take and make decisions that would be pleasing to God and also hopefully live in peace with all men (if possible).

Please do not hesitate to submit any questions to us and we will try to answer them and provide our legal thoughts if possible.  We cannot guarantee that you will always receive a prompt answer, but if we are able to look into the question and provide some thoughts we will be more than happy to do so.  You will find that many of your questions will become articles or posts on this site for others to read and use in the local congregations.

Remember that that information contained on this website is not legal advice but is rather intended to provide guidance for church leaders to develop their own policies or procedures and make the best decisions for the local congregations.  Church leaders should always read everything carefully to make sure what as established is your church policy is applicable to your situation and location.

More than anything we encourage you to continue to pray for the Lord’s church as we all determine how best we can serve and follow God in a world that continues to fight against Him and His commands and desires for all of humanity.  Please let us know if we can be of service to you in any way!